The American Dream

It’s our own damn fault. After all, the third word in the phrase is “Dream.” When did they tell us the dream is real? Come to think of it, who are “they?”

To this day I don’t recall anyone sitting down and giving me a lesson plan on “The American Dream.” I’ve certainly heard the phrase a million times in my life. But still, a dream is a dream. In some you can fly, and in some you have night mares.

This thing we have conjured up in our minds is a message within a brand that’s changed. Is The American Dream a brand? It is what we make of it. It manifests itself in many brands and in many people. Hopefully.

What I’ve spent time questioning lately is on the merit of “The American Dream.” On feeling sold out. On the empty feeling of comparing a reality to a dream. Truth is, the two are apples and oranges. Further, “The American Dream” is hardly a differentiator.

"The American Opportunity" is where I’ve landed on how to personally shape my thinking. Opportunity is what you make of it. It’s created by you. It’s made greater by resources, relationships, thoughts, creativity. It’s furthered by service men and women who protect us and who protect others.

We will not make life greater through a dream. A dream may guide and drive us. It may put passion in the gas tank. But when dream meets opportunity, that’s where the magic can happen. Opportunities are things we given, and they are things we can make.

Maybe it’s time to dream slightly less and work on the opportunity part. Opportunity is about action. Without action it’s just a dream. Maybe it’s about the “dreaming” part out weighing the execution…

All people dream in all places. But do they have opportunity?

I’ll order a smaller slice of apple pie and think harder on the actionable part. Creating Opportunity.

"The American Dream Opportunity”